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Your health should be a main priority in your life, so don’t let it slip through the cracks. Whether you are just after a bit of health advice, looking to lose or manage weight or tackle a specific health concern, there are many ways I can help you do so.

I run one-to-one private consultations in Surrey, Berkshire and London with a regular clinic in Bagshot, Surrey. I also offer Skype/Facetime consultations for those further afield.

I host monthly talks and workshops at my home in NW Surrey and various Surrey venues. Please follow my blog or Instagram/facebook for updates on this or get in touch (07946251035).


I offer a free initial 15 minute phonecall conversation for us to discuss your situation and understand how we could best work together. I would love to hear from you and see how I could help you in your journey to a healthier and happier you.

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Bowl of Grains


The initial one-to-one consultation will last between 70 and 90 minutes, ahead of this, I will ask you to complete a medical questionnaire and a 3 day diet-diary.

In  this meeting we will:

  • Discuss your health goals and aims

  • Talk through your medical history

  • Discuss your current lifestyle and food intake

  • Review any medical/blood test results you may have




After this, a detailed Nutritional and Lifestyle plan will be emailed to you within the week, along with any supplements or additional testing recommendations, if relevant. We can then arrange a phonecall for me to talk through everything with you to make sure it is all clear.


I will support you on email as often as needed until the next appointment and will  agree a catch-up phonecall a couple of weeks after our first meeting. I want to help you best I can in your journey to better health and find regular contact between client and myself an effective way to do this.

Follow up consultation £100

I advise clients to book at least one follow up appointment approximately 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment. This appointment will last approximately 45 minutes and can be in person or on facetime/Skype.

This appointment allows us to track your progress and make any necessary amendments to your plan. You will have had time to understand what realistic changes you can put into place and what may need adjusting/tweaking to suit you and your goals best.

On the Scales
On the Scales

Health Boost Programme    6-8 weeks - £300

Revamp your health, in 2 months.

One initial consultation and 2 follow up appointments.

In this popular package, I provide continued support across a 6-8 week duration.

I have much higher success levels in this programme, than one off appointments, as I support and guide you through changes to your nutrition longer term.

The health boost programme consists of:

  • Initial consultation – 75-90 mins (as detailed above)

  • 2 follow up appointments - 45 mins each

  • Weekly check-in (email or phone) to see how you are and any challenges you are facing   

  • Unlimited email support throughout

On the Scales


Those after a quick consultation looking at how their current nutrition could be optimised, I offer a short 40 minute appointment for those without specific chronic health conditions.

Prior to the appointment, you will be asked to complete a 5 day diet diary.

In the appointment we will discuss your current diet and how this can be improved with practical and realistic ideas.

Nutrition-check consists of:

  • Review of diet diary

  • 30 minute Skype/Facetime consultation

  • Recommendations all given over the phone in the consultation
    N.B. No formal plan provided on email, as per the in depth 'Primary Consultation', as above. 

tALKS & Workshops

I run engaging and fun workshops or talks for many different occasions - from small private groups to large corporate seminars. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss with me about running a talk or workshop with your organisation/group. 

Some popular topics include:

Sugar – is it all bad? How to boost your immune system this winter; Good fats vs Bad fats; The lowdown on carbs;

Female hormones; Weight loss: Weaning and teaching children healthy eating habits from the start; How to survive Christmas

On the Scales
Contact me

Get in touch

You can arrange a consultation by emailing or calling me on 07946251035.


Consultations are held at The Integral Life Centre, 44 High Street, Bagshot, Surrey, GU19 5AZ

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