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Gut Health for Good Health

The research is mounting behind the importance of a healthy gut for a healthy body and mind. Join this session to understand the importance of the gut and microbiome health and what you can do on a daily basis to support a

Gut Health for Good Health
Gut Health for Good Health

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Time is TBD


About the event

Gut health for Good Health

As studies on the human body and health continue to evolve, you would have heard that the health of our gut has a massive influence on what’s happening in the rest of our body. It plays a key role in our mental health, stress and overall health - as 80% of your immunity is situated there and so in this session we look to explain how we can look to support our gut health for greater overall wellbeing and energy.  Key session takeaways

  • Why we need to look after our gut
  • How you can feed the good bacteria and build a healthy balanced microbiome
  • Suggestions on how to reduce symptoms such as IBS, bloating, etc


  • One admission




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