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Cold Sundays = Hot Crumble

Cold Sundays = hot crumble 👍🏻. I use frozen fruits most days. A great way to get fruits that have a rather short season. Frozen means no waste, they are cheaper and as they are frozen in season, they have superior nutritional value. Great in smoothies and baking. This is the start of our Sunday crumble. Chucked in some chopped apple, plums and frozen blackberries and have whizzed up oats, almonds, butter, cinnamon and a little brown sugar for the topping. Using oats and almonds rather than flour helps balance blood sugar. Less than 5 mins to prep. Delish served with Greek yoghurt! 😋 #eattherainbow #easycrumble #happyhealthykids #yum #kathrynwatsonnutrition